Enhancing your live experience using location

A pin drop away from connecting your social networks and experiencing exclusive content.

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About Us

A vision to create technology at your fingertips rather than the forefront.

There are many ways to connect with people, products, and ideas.  Knowing the key Hashtag/username/ and handle are a crucial part of that linkage process.  We believe that allowing people to create events that streamlines communication, connection, location and travel will allow more time for experiencing people and live events to their fullest. Leave the worry of not keeping your current social networks up to speed. we want to enhance your current social applications but just make it easier to connect and share content. enjoy the moment without fumbling with your phone to get the right information that is exactly at your location.  Get noticed! show your craft and enjoy effortless connection with the masses. With ALIN, that is exactly what we set to do. its time to consolidate social media and give rise to location based exclusive content sharing.

Our Analytical Approach

Our service a mobile iOS application. ALIN utilizes location based technology to create public or exclusive events where you can post directly on google maps to interact with people only at the location of the PIN drop. Additionally, with the content shared you can easily "one click" different social network buttons that will link your FB, instagram, snapchat, linkedIn etc... no need to worry about usernames, or hashtags, just focus on being in the moment and allow your social media to follow where your feet go!