Frequentley Asked Questions...What is ALIN?

  What is ALIN:  

ALIN (Advanced Location Integrated Network) is an EVENT product designed by Lapis Sphere Technologies, Inc. ALIN drops a Digital “DOME” around any event, which creates a Closed Social Network.  

         Why add ALIN? 

ALIN allows for unique social engagement opportunities for ONLY those who are at the event. People to people, Merchant to people, event organizers to people. 

 How does ALIN work? ·

 People want to be relevant, they want to be treated special and they want memorable experiences in Real-Time. · Merchants want to the ability connect directly with potential customers and offer specials to those who are at the event, ready to purchase. · Event Organizers want people to have an experience at their event with Real-Time notifications The ALIN team works directly with event organizers to implement the program, and will provide assistance right to the end of the event. And when the event concludes feeds disappear within 12 hrs until engaged at another event.               

        When is the best time to Implement ALIN?                      

 We recommend 6-8 weeks prior to actual event date taking place to maximize the experience.     

What type of events? 

Simple Share: People sharing passions such as Car Shows, Farmers Markets, art and Museum Expositions, etc. 

Booth Level: Job and College Fairs, Trade Shows, etc.

 Festival Level: County and State Fairs, Live Concerts, City Festivals, etc.